CORE Cotton Shin & Instep (Black)

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CORE Shin and Foot Protectors (Black)

The CORE Shin and Foot Protectors are fully elastic and simple to pull on and off. They are lightweight and offer good protection.

The elastic sock like sleeve fits a variety of leg widths easily, but more importantly as you break them in the foam will mold to your leg. 

Made from durable and quality materials the CORE Shin and Foot Protectors are a great budget option.


  • Material: EVA foam covered in elasticised cotton
  • Padding covers the length of the shin bone and top part of the foot
  • Suitable for any type of martial art the requires general protection.

Benefits of EVA Foam

Compared to the cheaper PE foam alternative, EVA foam is a far more superior material in terms of protection and durability.

PE foam is lighter and doesn't offer as much impact absorption. If you press into PE foam vs EVA foam, you will definitely see and feel the difference.
The lightness of the PE material also means it will deteriorate faster with each wash and wear cycle, meaning you will need to replace it more frequently in the long term.